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Suicide is the second leading cause of death from in people ages 10–35 years old. Mental illness continues to be the leading cause of disability than any other group of illnesses, including cancer and heart disease. Over 60% of Americans living with a mental illness never seek treatment. Our community is in a crisis and Big Heart has created a process that removes the burden of the illness from our clients, and strengthens the resources of our community.  

Big Heart focuses on a system of care in which the client’s community serves as the primary provider for recovery and rehabilitation. We provide an environment where individuals struggling with mental illness can focus on their recovery.
Our care coordinators connect clients to housing, psychosocial day treatment, and primary care providers.


Caregivers | Our Services 

Outpatient Clinical Services:

Our team of licensed professionals provides integrated medical and behavioral health to promote your overall quality of life. Click Here to view a list of our services. 

Bridge Case Management

Our team of bridge case managers works with clients during hospitalization to help bridge them back into their community.  We will assist with scheduling appointments and providing transportation from the hospital to your aftercare appointment post discharge.  We work with each individual in the hospital to develop a customized plan that meets each clients' unique needs. 

Family/Caregiver Case Integration

We offer therapeutic intervention services that are directed toward developing, enhancing and/or restoring the family unit. We work with the family to establish an understanding of their loved one’s mental illness and substance use-related disorder, explain the methods of intervention and describe different support styles to help the client meet their goals.


Healthcare Partners | Our Services 

Big Heart helps healthcare facilities manage patient transition. We provide a bridge from the hospital to the community for the patients and provide stability in community placement. Big Heart becomes a part of the treatment team to assist your patients with reintegration into the community and reduces barriers to accessing services.  


This service starts on Day One of hospitalization, in order to ensure that the individual receives a full range of integrated services necessary to support a life in recovery. The outcome expectation of this includes decreased readmission rates, decreased incarceration, decreased homelessness, increased participation in treatment, and recovery maintenance.

Faith Based Organizations | Our Services 

Faith based organizations are often the first responders for those in crisis. Even when not in a crisis, these organizations can assist those suffering from a mental illness by building a foundation in a higher power, that instills hope for them to carry on.


Big Heart offers educational services to faith based organizations to equip members with the tools necessary to support those in a mental illness crisis. Please connect with us by completing the contact us form on our website for more information on how we can help. We believe “it takes a village” and we can help each other together. 

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